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September 6, 2012
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Rainbow Dash - Pony/ Human by Trinityinyang Rainbow Dash - Pony/ Human by Trinityinyang
*Note* :iconsonic-chaos: pointed out rainbow's hair should be red, orange, then yellow. Mine was yellow, orange, then red. So I fixed it. I personally felt that my coloring worked, though I have to change it to be accurate.

*Note 2* I know people are saying that I "forgot" that "SO AWESOME" face, but to be honest, I didn't knew at the time I was doing this drawing. I just recently found out. And I'm relatively new to the fandom, gimme a break.

So far, this is my most personalize humanization. The more I tried humanizing Rainbow Dash, the more I realized that she looks like my sister. You can guess that my sister is a tomboy also. The hairstyle also has something to do with it. I recognized the connection between Rainbow Dash and my sister, so you can say my sister has had a bit of influence in my human version of Rainbow Dash. I also drew inspiration from a couple of sources. You can say she's almost a combination of Misty (Pokemon) and Sonic. My human version is a tomboy, but hasn't abandoned her feminine qualities and also her need for speed. I also tried making her pose more dynamic and curvy like how Sonic was in the Sonic Adventure artwork (Yuji Uekawa is one of those artists).

I was looking at this forum thread. It's about how Sonic's artwork has evolved over the years:…

In terms of difficulty, it's not much more work than Applejack and Twilight. The colors did take a little longer to finish because there's so many, but it was straightforward enough to manage. But I got more familiar with the style and anatomy I'm using so it didn't take too long. The poses are what took a long time to draw. I tried making rainbow dash curvy like the older Sonic Artwork. Though in the end, it's not nearly as dynamic as Uekawa's work. If only I spent more time on the poses. But this will have to do. At the very least, it stays in tune with my designs for Applejack and Twilight Sparkle while having more curves.

I see Rainbow Dash as a runner as she spend her time flying around. I may have some divided opinions because everyone else has humanized Rainbow Dash in so many ways. I've seen her as a regular girl, biker, pilot, punk-type, and even a runner like mines. Though it is common to have girls who dress in biker and punk clothing, I find it too rough for Rainbow Dash. I find her more easier to relate when she's a regular girl who loves to run and in turn more appropriate for the show.

And to please those who do not like humanizations, I avoid making this "erotic".

From the top, left to right, here are the faces:

1. " -full of impatient, super-critical sportsfan ponies" *freaks out* (Sonic Rainboom)

2. "Collect seashells/ play beach volleyball" (Party of One)

3. Looks at light above the chamber". This is actually Daring Do's facial expression, but you can guess why I chose this. ( Read it and Weep)

4. *defrosting* (Hearth's Warming Eve)

5. *Eager face* (The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000)

6. Original expression. You may find this one awkward, but I wanted to try something different.

7. *Nom nom nom nom nom* (Read it and Weep)

8. "And may the best pet win" (May the Best Pet Win)

9. "Ohmygosh, ohmygosh, ohmygosh, ohmygosh" (Sonic Rainboom)

10. "It was a moment in time, that will never exist again. *GRRRR-" (The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000)

'So Awesome' Face:

If anyone's interested in seeing the original sketch, it's under this link:

"Rainbow Dash"

belongs to

Lauren Faust, Hasbro Inc., and DMX Media
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