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February 14
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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII - Ballerina by Trinityinyang Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII - Ballerina by Trinityinyang
Okay, so this is what I used for my entry for a contest.
Topic: Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

For those who aren't familiar with the game,

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is the third game in the Final Fantasy XIII series. You play as the character Lightning, who awoke from crystal stasis, which is a long hibernation where you are turned to crystal. She discovers that she's been asleep for 500 years. To top it off, she is told that the world is going to end in 13 days. She is given a mission to save the souls in the world and carry them to the next world. Along the way she meets her old friends, though since 500 years has past, they won't be the same person as they were.

A notable feature about this game is that you get to play dress up with Lightning. Outfits ranging from cool to just plain goofy looking. Those who pre-ordered the game get to dress Lightning up as Cloud and Aerith (Final Fantasy VII). Those who preorder Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster (which I'm totally getting) will get to dress Lightning up as Yuna. 

I don't know where this ballerina idea came from. I mean, wearing a tutu during battle? It's goofy, yet still would look kind of badass. I'm not too sure what class job she would be though. I could like just draw her in something more practical like knight or a warrior, but then how original would that be if everyone else is doing it?

Inspired by Odette from Pyotr Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake. As you can see, she dons a swan motif.

The outfit consists of a white classical (pancake) tutu. An gold embroidery with a feathery design on her bodice. The pink frills under her skirt are made up of tulle. Wings on the lower back is kind of a throw back to ****Final Fantasy X SPOILERS****Yuna's Wedding dress. The tiara is made of brass filigree with blue jewels and a swan figure in the middle.
The design for the sword's hilt is made up of swans and shaped like a heart. The blade itself is longer than your average sword, but not nearly as long as Sephiroth's Masamune. Has a red tint to contrast her blue shield.

The shield she's holding is a mirror shield (Ocarina of Time). A mirror has a stronger connection to ballet, as dancers practice in big rooms with mirrors. Perhaps this could cast Auto-Reflect so that magic would bounce off of her. Has a blue tint to contrast her red sword.

Done with the impression of Tetsuya Nomura style.

Whether I win or not, I'm proud of this work. I suppose this could be your Valentines' Day gift. 

Have a good one guys, stay tuned.

Contest Entry:
Line art:

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII belongs to Square-Enix
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Sonnflora Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The sword reminds me of Sailor Moon's scepter from the 4th season.
Hewylewis Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2014
How much would a commission for something like this cost?
Trinityinyang Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2014  Student Filmographer
Depends. Starting rate would be $6.
Hewylewis Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2014
pendrake47 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2014

Trinityinyang ...

1. Sword...  I would have advised using her in-game gunblade (albeit with swan themes & detailing, of course) over a "traditional" sword.  For said "traditional" sword, I would have suggest adding better detailing to the blade itself, meaning angular striations and line(s) to show its bladed edge(s); as is, it looks more like a flat-straight piece of polished metal.

2. Shield...  While the mirror shield itself is well done for its swan theme, I think it might have been better portrayed in pose as strapped to her arm in a combat-shield fashion, rather than held by a hand like a mirror or cover-plate to a buffet serving-dish Roll Eyes .  The former (strapped to arm) would visually reinforce that Lightning is a warrior-spirit, regardless of what she wears.

3. "Wings"...  I do not recall off-handedly which graphic outfit it was, but there was one that had a trailing back-skirt that was made of long-feathers.  Most of the outfits Lightning wore had a trailing back-skirt &/or short-cape themes, and it would have been better to keep with that theme (especially for a contest entry fan-artwork) in order to keep with the Source Accurate "feel" of Lightning.  However, while I generally side with, and consistently espouse the value of, Source Accuracy in fan-works, this part could go either way.  {Unless I were judging, in which case you probably would be screwed. Wink/Razz }

4. Hair...  While the front portion of Lightning's hair is correct in its spiky depiction, the rear is too sharply angled.  You need to soften and curvature the edges.  This is visually symbolic of Lightning's nature: sharp and pointed on one side (or front) like her lightning namesake, but soft and more freely flowing like clouds on the other.

5. Pointe Shoes...  The straps (or "ribbon") of her pointe shoes are not attached to them.  While it is not an absolute, the majority of said shoes & straps are that they are attached to one-another.  You did do the flat toe-tip of the pointe shoes correctly, however, well done there.

6. Background...  I do not know the rules of the contest, but if a background is not forbidden, I would have added one to provide additional impact of the image.  Probably one in-keeping with the Swan Lake inspiration, but also mixed with Final Fantasy themes.  Perhaps swan-themed airships, chocobos posing with swans, or other such CrossOver themes...I do not know.

7. Overall, I would give this work a 7.5 out of 10.

Trinityinyang Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2014  Student Filmographer
The sword, I get that it's generic and simplistic.

The mirror, it does conflict with the fact that Lightning wears a shield on her arm. I was pretty much thinking how Link's mirror shield were hand carried. I thought a hand held mirror would fit a ballerina more.

About the wings, it was more of a throw back to Yuna's Wedding dress. I also never noticed how Lightning always wear something wears some flowing material like a cape or a sash. I never thought of this when I was considering a classic ballerina.

The hair, I just notiched how the back hair looks kind of flat.

The shoes, I guess I missed that detail.

Background, I was just simply lazy. A good background doeshelp though.

Yeah, there are details that could be polished or didn't notice before. Still, I'm glad this piece is still successful overall.

Thanks again for another informative critique. 
LeTekky Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2014
Amazing, I think it fits with the aesthetics of the series, especially with the use of a mirror (because crystals).
I wouldn't expect Lighting to wear something like this, but I would expect her less to dress like a cat-girl, like Yuna or with such a pretty dress so what do I know.
Trinityinyang Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2014  Student Filmographer
Thanks. If only Tetsuya Nomura, the main character designer, was able to see this. That'll be enough for me.

In the game, Lightning could be practically wear anything. Which is kind of goofy considering she's traveling in a world that's going to end.
Invaderskull1995 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Very Cute :)
Trinityinyang Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2014  Student Filmographer
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