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Not Allowed:                                                                                                    

  • Pornography and senseless violence.                                                          
  • I cannot stress this enough. I cannot use Copyrighted material (including Disney, MLP, Pixar, Dreamworks, etc.)          
  • Anything that is defamatory, disrespectful, or anything that has no socially/culturally redeeming qualities. 
  • Sharing personal information of anyone whatsoever.                

 Are Allowed:

  • Using existing art styles (eg. Disney, MLP)
  • OC's that's based on existing material. (OC Ponies)
  • Locations can be based on existing material as longs as it's an original work. (So no Ponyville or Canterlot)
  • Public Domain material may be used.
  • Mature Content allowed as long as it's tasteful. Ask first.
  • I understand that we have our own preferences so I will allow fetish (including feet, breasts, resizing, etc.)
  • Social commentary and constructive criticisms.


  • ONLY real currency via PayPal. No points. 
  • No art trades.
  • Only one commission per person.
  • Must ask for approval before sending payment.
  • Unwillingness to pay or negotiate will result in no further commissions.
  • I reserve the right to refuse any service.
  • Once commission is complete, there will be no exchanges, refunds, and/or substitutions.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice.


1. Decide what you would like and provide a well written description of your commission. Try to be specific and/or provide some examples. I may ask you questions if there's anything I don't understand.

2. We will discuss the price. Then you decide to put a down payment first, pay it all off, or pay after. When you make a down payment, you would pay me a fraction of the price and pay the rest later. Putting a down payment or paying it all off will get you the priority slot. 

2. I will provided work in progress material. At this stage, please be sure they is close as possible to what you want before I create the final product. It'll save more time if we fix the commission during the rough stages.

3. Once you finalize the sketch, I will not create a complete redo so be sure the sketch is close enough to what you want. Edits will be allowed however.

4. Even when I've finished the final product, minors edits will be allowed. Though if edits become excessive, I may charge you extra (varies).

5. Once we reach an agreement and the transaction is complete, we can call it a day.

Extra charge for edits
There will be cases that not everything gets worked out during the work in progress and you might want to make changes. Depending on what changes you want, it may be free, or I will charge you extra. Extra charges will vary depending on quantity and complexity.

Edits - No charge
Basically errors, slight changes to things that I've already made, or things that don't require a lot of effort.

Edits include but not limited to:

-When I don't follow instructions and references correctly.
-Errors such as wrong proportions, wrong lighting direction, missing/misplaced details, color outside outlines, etc. 
-Color changes (Solid color only).
-Change image size and cropping.
-Changing positions of objects and character as long as I don't need to fill up the missing parts.
-Copy and pasting objects.

Edits - With Charges
Generally anything that requires me to create something that I haven't already made.

Edits include but not limited to:

- Adding/replacing props, characters, shadows/lighting, and other details.
- Fixing perspective for characters, objects, background, etc.
- Redrawing character/props/background.
- Expanding background and/or filling empty spaces.
- Remastering small object/image with bigger resolution. 
- Filling missing parts after changing position of objects and characters.



Slots are basically reserve spots for you to commission me. It helps me keep track on who and when a client is commissioning me. Only one slot per client and it's first come first serve. These are all of the slots that I can handle, so I won't be adding anymore than what I have. 

Slot - If you decide to pay later, you'll get a regular slot. You would wait until I finish the ones before you. I will not accept payment in advance from you until the client with the priority slot is finished.

The Priority Slot - They are for those who are willing to give payment first. With it, your commission will be finished before anyone else. 

However, in cases where too many clients paying are for the priority slot while other clients are waiting, I might to suspend the priority slot and ask you to take a regular slot. So that other clients with regular slots may get a chance to have their commission finished. I don't have a formal system for this, but I will try to balance between priority and regular slots.

I advise you to ask for permission for a priority slot, even if you know where to send the money. If you know my Paypal already and decide to send money without my permission, I will not hold the money and I will refund it back to you. It would be unfair to the other clients if you know where the money should be sent while they don't. It's also a lose-lose situation because Paypal will take part of the money by sending it and Paypal will take another fraction from the refund. 

If the slots are full, I will try to notify you if I can. If not, I'll keep updating my slot status for you all to see if there's any slots available. 
Priority Slot:
Slot 1: :iconjeht-maverick:
Slot 2: :iconsmithkakarot:
Slot 3:

For those I didn't follow up with (for a long time), I may need you to contact me again. My apologies.


I. Characters

Any additional characters will be the same amount.
Test: Last of Us by Trinityinyang                    Bronco the Blue Ox by Trinityinyang
Sketch $5                                          Lineart $7                  

   Paul and Bronco - Thinking by Trinityinyang                             Twilight Sparkle - Gala Dress (Human) by Trinityinyang
Color w/ Black Outline  $8        Color with Color outline $10

II. Comics

10 panels max per page. Rates are negotiable depending on art style and amount of panels. Number of characters will not matter, though keep in mind how many characters can fit in a panel. 
Yuna in Wonderland Page 1 by Trinityinyang       Commission: Page 1 (May 1, 2014) by Trinityinyang             [No Example]                  Commission: Mythology Issue 1 Page 4 by Trinityinyang
Sketch $10                    Lineart $12              Black and White $20               Full color $40 

III. Character Animation

BE WARNED: I’m still in the beta stage of learning animation, so it'll likely be rough on the edges and will take a long time.

For MLP fans, don't ask me to animate in the MLP style. I simply have no idea on how they do it. Yet...

Traditional Animation
There are 24 frames per second and you will be charged for every 12 frames. The more frames you have, the more fluid it would be.

As a cost cutting measure, I would be shooting on two's, which will make up 12 drawings per second. Shooting on twos will give satisfactory sense of movement without sacrificing too much quality. This is what American animation use for the most part, but shooting ones is reserved for fast movement because shooting on twos may be too slow to interpret the movement.

It's also possible to shoot on three's, which would make up 8 drawings per second. This technique has been used for budget anime including Sailor Moon and Dragonball Z.

You may ask for me to shoot on one's, where I draw all 24 frames per second. This results in very fluid animation, but it's time consuming and expensive so shooting on twos is used. However, this is a norm for computer animation (Which I cannot do).

Machines and Vehicles are not my strong point, just so you know.

For every 12 frames. You can do the math.
  • Rough Animation $8 (R)
  • Clean Up Animation $16 (C)
  • Final Color Animation $32 (F)
  • Sync to Sound will vary (S)
  • Background will vary (BG)
  • Effects animation will vary (FX)

Breaking it down:
Not including sound, background, and FX.
  • 0-12 frames (0-1 sec)   =  (R) $8   / (C) $16 / (F) $24 
  • 13-24 frames (1-2 sec) =  (R) $16 / (C) $24 / (F) $32
  • 25-36 frames (2-3 sec) =  (R) $24 / (C) $32 / (F) $48 
  • 37-48 frames (3-4 sec) =  (R) $32 / (C) $48 / (F) $56
  • and so on. 

Shoot for the Moon (Animation) by TrinityinyangRed Riding Hood - Secondary Action Study by Trinityinyang

Basic Flash Animation
I'm going to stress on the word basic since I'm barely learning how to do Flash and stick figure animation. They are potentially the cheapest form of animation I could provide. The most basic animation I could do I would consist of simple cycles and panning. Don't expect Disney style animation. 

  • I'll charge for you every 12 assets used for the animation. 
  • Assets would be everything used (stick figures, houses, clouds, arms, legs, eyes, trees, fire, etc.)
  • Once I create an asset, I can reuse them anytime instead of drawing everything from scratch.
  • More assets will result in wider more range of movements. Of course, the more expensive it'll be.
  • I would not charge you for every frame I use, which means more animation for less money.
  • Still, it's quantity over quality. It's your call.

Let say you want a full flash model for a human character, I would create:
1 Head
2 arms
2 hands
2 legs
1 torso
1 ponytail
1 pair of breast (For jiggly boobs lol)
1 pair of eyes open
1 pair of eyes closed
1 mouth closed
1 mouth open
2 feet

That would be 17 assets total. And this is just a silent character model. Lip sync will be add for every mouth movement asset I create. 

Again, it'll depend on what you want and complexity but here are the basic costs

Every 12 stick figure assets $8
Every 12 Black and White assets  $16
Every 12 Color assets $24
Sync to sound will vary
Background will vary

IV. Miscellaneous

All will vary depending on complexity.

Baker's Dozen (Storyboard) by Trinityinyang Long Distance (Storyboard) by Trinityinyang
*Interactive Slideshow - You get a bunch of pictures and I'll make it interactive. For now I can only create one that can only navigates left and right with the keyboard. It can also be a very basic web comic.

Commission: Devon Bookmark (Pony/ Human) by Trinityinyang
* Logos - Names and titles designed according to the theme of your commission.

CWAS: Love is in Bloom by Trinityinyang
* Background - e.g simple, forest, beach, street, castle, etc.

[No Example]
* Props - sword, staff, wand, lollipop, crown. Basically anything that the character interacts with but not wearing.

[No Example]
* Machines - Robots, machines, mecha, vehicles, automobiles, etc. It's not really my strong point.  

CWAS: My Love Will Give You Strength by Trinityinyang
Special Effects (SFX) - magic sparkles, fire, lightning, ice, wind, etc. Basically moving objects that's neither a character or background. .


If you want to commission me or any questions, send me a note or Skype me to discuss the details. 

Skype username: regular_artist/ Modest Artist

I'll see you around.


Trinityinyang's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I'm no master of drawing but I'm always practicing to be one. I do get some praise every now and then, but there's always room for improvement. I keep on drawing to get better and better.

And then, I'll be a good enough draftsman to be an animator one day. Just like Milt Kahl, Bill Tytla, Ollie Johnston, Frank Thomas, Glen Keane, Mark Henn, Eric Larson, Andreas Deja, Wolfgang Reitherman. Those are all great animators that I admire a lot.

I mostly draw characters. I could draw background too but they always seem to lack depth and they don't feel

My style, which applies to my work in general, is kept simple and easy to read. When I add detail, I try to make it enhance my drawing. Faces are very important when I draw the characters. I try to make them easy to read with little gap as possible between the character and the emotion. If I want the faces to be funny, I would exaggerate it. The poses, I try to make them unique because in real life, no one makes the exact same poses even if you try to mimic someone. At the same time, they must tell the emotion of the characters I draw. I drew inspiration from watching a LOT of Disney movies and Dreamworks stuff.

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