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Not Allowed:                                                                                                    

- Pornography                                                          
- Copyrighted material (characters, music, etc.)             
- Anything that is defamatory, disrespectful, or hateful. 
- Sharing personal information of anyone whatsoever.                

 Are Allowed:

- Using existing art styles (eg. Disney, MLP)
- Yes, MLP is fine. As long as it's not copyrighted material
- Public Domain material may be used.
- Mature Content allowed as long it's tasteful. Ask first.


- ONLY real currency via PayPal. No points.
- Art trades are not commissions.
- Must ask for approval before sending payment.
- May use non-monetary payments such as items of equal value.
- I reserve the right to refuse any service.


I. Characters

Any additional characters will cost the same.
Test: Last of Us by Trinityinyang                    Bronco the Blue Ox by Trinityinyang
Sketch $5                                          Lineart $8                  

   Paul and Bronco - Thinking by Trinityinyang                             Twilight Sparkle - Gala Dress (Human) by Trinityinyang
Color w/ Black Outline  $10        Color with Color outline $15

II. Comics

10 panels max per page. Rates are negotiable depending on art style.
Page 1 by Trinityinyang        [No Example]              [No Example]                  Commission: Mythology Issue 1 Page 4 by Trinityinyang
Sketch $10              Lineart $15           Black and White $25            Full color $35 

III. Character Animation (NEW!)

There are 24 frames per second and you will be charged for every 12 frames.

As a cost cutting measure, I would be shooting on two's, which will make up 12 drawings per second.

You may ask for me to shoot on one's, where I draw all 24 frames per second.

BE WARNED: I’m still in the beta stage of learning animation, so it'll likely be rough on the edges and will take a long time.

For MLP fans, don't ask me to animate in the MLP style. I simply have no idea on how they do it. Yet...

Shoot for the Moon (Animation) by TrinityinyangRed Riding Hood - Secondary Action Study by Trinityinyang
15 sec                           10 frames total 

Rough animation $8       
Clean up animation $16             
Full Color $24 
Sync to sound
Background will vary 

Breaking it down:
     0-12 frames = $8/ $16/ $24
     13-24 frames = $16/ $24/ $32
     25-36 frames = $24/ $32/ $48 
     37-48 frames = $32/ $48/ $56
     and so on...

IV. Miscellaneous

All will vary depending on complexity.

Commission: Devon Bookmark (Pony/ Human) by Trinityinyang
* Logos - Names and titles designed according to the theme of your commission.
   Applicable to animation.

CWAS: Love is in Bloom by Trinityinyang
* Background - e.g simple, forest, beach, street, castle, etc.
   Applicable to animation.

[No Example]
* Props - sword, staff, wand, lollipop, crown. Basically anything that the character interacts with but not wearing.
   Applicable to animation.

[No Example]
* CG and rendered- Still in BETA

[No Example]
* Machines - Robots, machines, mecha, vehicles, automobiles, etc. It's not really my strong point.  
   Applicable to animation.

CWAS: My Love Will Give You Strength by Trinityinyang
Special Effects (SFX) - magic sparkles, fire, lightning, ice, wind, etc. Basically moving objects that's neither a character or background.
   Applicable to animation.


Feel free to ask any questions. Send me a note and we can discuss the details. 

I'll see you guys around.


Trinityinyang's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I'm no master of drawing but I'm always practicing to be one. I do get some praise every now and then, but there's always room for improvement. I keep on drawing to get better and better.

And then, I'll be a good enough draftsman to be an animator one day. Just like Milt Kahl, Bill Tytla, Ollie Johnston, Frank Thomas, Glen Keane, Mark Henn, Eric Larson, Andreas Deja, Wolfgang Reitherman. Those are all great animators that I admire a lot.

I mostly draw characters. I could draw background too but they always seem to lack depth and they don't feel

My style, which applies to my work in general, is kept simple and easy to read. When I add detail, I try to make it enhance my drawing. Faces are very important when I draw the characters. I try to make them easy to read with little gap as possible between the character and the emotion. If I want the faces to be funny, I would exaggerate it. The poses, I try to make them unique because in real life, no one makes the exact same poses even if you try to mimic someone. At the same time, they must tell the emotion of the characters I draw. I drew inspiration from watching a LOT of Disney movies and Dreamworks stuff.

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TalortehCyndaquil Apr 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
How much do you cost for commissions, if any?
(ironic) Conglaturations, your art has been stolen by 1998-Gaia!……
wintercoal Mar 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I reported it. 
PRJC1116 Mar 8, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
May I draw your MLP humanizations for you?,ill give you credit
barneyjones123 Mar 7, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey i wonder if you can do the 2d version of frozen with the rest of  the characters just like as if it is back in the disney renaissance like this one for example :…  (including maybe tangled) 
I'm going to be honest, and I know you don't really want to hear about this again since you've retired from them, but your MLP humanizations are what brought me here, and I think Hasbro really dropped the ball by not immediately switching to your designs for the next Equestria Girls movie; they're so damn accurate in the faces and the art style seems to echo the philosophy of personality before girliness that the show aimed for, not to mention the choices of clothes were obviously really well thought out and seem to focus more on genuine personality than making sure every character's wearing a damn skirt, thereby making them feel like more real and fun characters (Pinkie's, Rarity's, and Twilight's clothes are particular favorites of mine; they look so practical for their personalities, and the Princesses' dresses are stunningly familiar despite referencing pony bodies). I'm not good enough at visual art to properly understand why I like it so much, but they look seriously exactly like the pony characters. I've heard the current humanizations be compared to Bratz dolls; this becomes way more apparent after having seen your designs.

Then I saw the rest of your gallery, and that's the story of how you got my Watch. Balto: beautifully done sir, for the same reasons.

Seriously, the FACES! They look every bit as elastic and expressive as the pony versions, and the more prominent cheek bones solved the problem that the canon designs have of making the human faces look too different since nothing replaces the muzzles. It's like instead of trying to draw a human form off of the pony faces, which it looks like you may have done, they just started from scratch to make something that at least had the same hair for recognition, but mostly had to look girly, which was beside the point of the show to begin with. They couldn't even get the EYES completely right, for crying out loud. With your style, the human and pony versions of the same characters ACTUALLY look like twins. Bravo for your effort.
BirdyCrossing Feb 28, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Oh man, I love your style! I apologize for fave-bombing everything hehe
DanielaEspinoza19 Feb 26, 2014  Student Digital Artist go now and vote


DanielaEspinoza19 Feb 25, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I love You my Little Pony human art
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